About Big Dumb Guild



Our Goal

Our goal is to progress as quickly as possible without the typical raid schedule of other guilds. To that end, we build our raid off performance first. It doesn't matter if you've been in the guild for 1 week or 3 years, if you're the best choice for the fight, you will be in the raid. Also, be really big and dumb.


Most of us have been raiding together for upwards of 4 years, we're hungry for progression, but we have a lot of fun while raiding. We're not cliquey, but our sense of humor is not for everyone. Just remember everything is in good humor, whether its brutal honestly or some playful racism. We have fun while we raid, but we don't let anyone sit in ignorance when they fuck up. When it's time to progress, we expect a lot from our raiders. 100% attendance is expected (bearing emergency or holidays) and at least an hour of research on each fight in the instance (preferably more). The idea is that we spend our raid time progressing, and not learning the basics of an encounter. Not putting in the same effort as everyone else is a serious dick move, bro, and we'll recruit over you.

Applying to BDG

Application periods will generally last until you've proven yourself on at least one "hard" progression boss. Normally this entails anywhere from 1-3 months.  Sometimes you may be performing well, we just don't know where you fit in our core comp, so we wait while we make final decisions on other applicants and members. We welcome you to act as a member while you're an applicant.
We don't recruit for bench. If we accept your application, there is a spot we believe you can earn. Of course, failed trials are welcome to stay on as backup raiders and come in on Heroic clears and progression as needed.
We require a minimum age of 21 to join the guild, but exceptions have been made in the past if you have your shit together. Our average guild age is about 25.

Our Raids

We raid 9-1 CST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Be online 30m early and be at the instance 15m early, we pull by 9pm every night. Illidan will have queues on major patch days, plan around this! Angry assignments, BDLC, bigwigs, and weakauras are required addons in our raid, they help with assignments and distributing loot.
Lootcouncil is our loot system. Attendance > Performance > Upgrade Amount > Last to recieve loot.
Standby is inevitable as we trial new players and work around the gear curve. If you're on standby we only require that you be in mumble (though stay out of the illidan queue). If you have to leave your computer for an extended period of time just leave your number for an officer or turn up mumble and sit in another channel.

General Rules

Just a few things we expect from every member.
  • Check the website every day: This is how we distribute strats and information to our members. We expect you to not only read every post but to contribute as often as you can. We can see when you log in and when you don't #nsa
  • Fully optimize your character: This is a given, raiding 101.
  • Research every strategy in full: Know every boss just as well as the raid leaders do.
  • Minimize random AFK's in raid: We'll give a 10m break halfway through every raid, try and save water and bio till then. If you do have to AFK, let the raid know so we don't sit there wondering what happened.
  • Post on the attendance forums if you have to miss a raid: Again, our forums is how we distribute information, telling an officer does not suffice.
  • If you're listening to music during raid, listen to it very quietly: Ultimately, you're no use to us if you can't follow directions on the first call. We need you to hear us.
  • Use your mic: We obviously don't need 20 raid leaders, but if we're coordinating cooldowns and we need to ask if a cooldown is up, we need a response right away.
  • Be well rested for raid: Raiding takes a real life obligation, and while that's not for everyone it is a requirement if you're in our guild. No sleeping through raid or falling asleep midway through. This should be obvious.



This may be updated at a future date, but this should be all you need to get an idea of our guild. If you have any questions feel free to contact an officer in game. Also if you read all the above, please mention so in your app. Good luck!